Warehouse Logistics for the Highest Demands

Goal-oriented and systematic planning, management and control of transport and organizational procedures are the characteristics of an optimal logistics concept. With its modern logistics warehouse, in operation since 1999, Pöppel offers its customers individually structured services.

On a total of approximately 30,000 m² of warehouse space, we have the right spot for every type of product. Whether in the high-bay warehouse or in block storage, whether foods with temperature control requirements or lubricants that pose a water hazard - almost all desired objects can be warehoused and maintained in an ideal and safe manner that includes employment of a modern computer and barcode system. Just as important in the range of warehousing services are commissioning, packing, packaging and labeling.

In addition, a 3,000 m² multifunctional warehouse with trimodal transport access was built directly on the southern quay of the Eastern Port in 2005, which produces its own energy using a photovoltaic system on the roof.

lager logistik regensburg

Thus, it is now possible to provide interim storage for frost and moisturesensitive goods such as foodstuffs or highly-sensitive steel or electronic items, offering customers an even more economical and secure execution of their transport and warehouse jobs. Pöppel's modern data processing system is networked with other systems, so that customers have access to their order status at any time.

Steel Logistics

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Because some of our own warehouses in their various locations in the Port of Regensburg are equipped with crane runways and special shelving systems as well as rail and water connection, we can even offer logistic services for the steel trade. From commissioning to import and export handling to sheet metal forming and cutting lengths of special and tool steels, we provide a comprehensive set of services. Distribution of the steel is done regionally in small amounts as well as Europe-wide in the LTL and FTL realms.

- Sensitive Goods under Time Pressure

Transporting large amounts and sensitive goods in the shortest time possible is a challenge that Spedition Pöppel must face repeatedly in the realm of food distribution. The firm is especially experienced in the area of punctual delivery of special sale items for discount stores. Our comprehensive service for suppliers and retailers includes collective point storage at Pöppel according to regulations, as well as commissioning and re-packaging, inventory management and punctual delivery.

The advantages to customers are obvious: Everyone receives a tailored solution for individual logistics needs at the most favorable conditions. The Pöppel warehouse for food/non-food products stores the most varied of products from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Following warehouse handling according to regulations and under observance of lot administration and the first in/first out principle, delivery is performed in a secure and punctual manner to the central warehouses of food retailers, discount and building centers.

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The entire import and customs procedure is just as much a part of our service package as are container trans-shipment, sampletaking, and a secure returns policy. By combining orders from various customers, Spedition Horst Pöppel is capable of organizing distribution throughout all of Germany, fast and inexpensively.