Safety Guides Us

Safety requirements for cargo transport are very high. Employees of Spedition Horst Pöppel Logistik und Transport know that they bear a great responsibility for the cargo to be transported. And yet everyone else involved in the transport process, including other motorists, also shares in the responsibility. Of course, all vehicles of the company are maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

qualität spedition poeppel

As early as the fleet vehicle acquisition process, we take into consideration the most modern technological aspects, including emissions class, safety features, driver comfort and vehicle efficiency. For our drivers, a defensive, circumspect driving approach is first and foremost. They receive regular driving safety courses and are continually evaluated in this regard.

All concerned employees also take part in regular training courses on the topics of hazardous materials and proper load tie-down. Naturally, the company also immediately implements and strictly observes any new legal regulations.

Quality is our way

This is the guiding principle that the Horst Pöppel Company prescribes for all employees, as well as customers and associates. And the logistics enterprise equates quality with tailor-made solutions, high deadline precision, complete reliability and efficiency.

Environmental protection

For many years now we have attached great importance to protecting the environment. We would like to motive our employees to behave with awareness and a feeling of responsibility for the environment by providing them with regular training courses and information. Some of the lorries in our fleet of vehicles already run on biodiesel. This is one of the contributions we make to responsible handling of our natural resources. We reduce fuel consumption by using low-noise and low-pollution lorries, with EURO V/EEV engines for example, and ensuring optimum utilisation of capacities by means of computer-aided route planning.